When moving anywhere with children in the nursery whether it be up or downstairs, coming out of the dining room or through the doors in the corridor the children MUST be counted out loud as they leave one area, and as they enter the new room/area.  Two members of staff will normally be carrying out this procedure, unless it is a small number of children, for example being taken to the toilet.

When going out into the garden the children MUST be ticked on the register as they go out the front door. If any child is then bought out to join the children in the garden, they are to be written on the list before they leave the building.

If a child goes home they should be ticked off of the list at that time, and the time written down. Also all parents need to buzz in to the nursery so they are signed out on the main nursery register, even if the child is collected from the garden.

When the children come back in from the garden they MUST be ticked off in order, using the register, as they come back into the building. This is to ensure that all children have entered the building. All children MUST be counted into the building as well. This process MUST involve at least 2 members of staff.

The first member of staff when leaving the garden should hold the front door and count the children when they pass them, another member of staff is to count the children when they leave the garden standing by the gate. The last member of staff to leave the garden should walk around the garden checking all areas – behind the water and sand tray, behind the small house and round onto the soft tarmac area.

Please bear in mind that to a small child, hiding from an adult is an enjoyable play activity under normal circumstances, so we must be extra vigilant.

In addition the garden check is to be completed and signed by a member of staff before the children leave the building to go into the garden, on EVERY occasion.

If these procedures are not followed then the staff member will be subject to disciplinary action.

Revised Date: May 2022
Devised by Jacquelin Curtis
Adopted as the policy of the nursery
Signed: Jacquelin Curtis Director,
Activeplay Nurseries Ltd