Our kitchen holds a five star rating from the Kent County Council’s Environmental Health Department, and is reinspected regularly. We employ a dedicated cook, and both she, and all staff, have formal food hygiene training.

Meal and snack times are an important part of the service we offer, and an enjoyable part of the children’s day.

Each day’s menu is posted on our noticeboard for you to see what your child will be eating during that particular day. There are four weekly menus which are rotated, and a summer and winter variant. We do try to be flexible with regard to seasonal produce and sometimes parents bring in special treats or a cake when a child has a birthday, so occasionally we will make a change to an item on the menu for an alternative and sometimes this will be at short notice.

Cooking and baking simple meals and cakes, and chopping fruit and vegetables for snack time is enjoyable and instructive for children in the nursery, and we encourage this. Children themselves will sometimes prepare part of the teatime meal, for example fairy cakes, fruit kebabs or pizzas. Cookery activities can incorporate practice in mathematics and self care, for example in measuring or counting ingredients and reinforcing the importance of handwashing, etc. Children also feel a sense of pride in making a meal for their peers, or taking cakes or biscuits home with them.

Please see our food policy in the policy section for further details about our provision in this area.

Parents’ comments about the food provided, and of course their own children’s preferences, are always welcome.