If a child becomes ill at nursery, every effort will be made to contact the parents, who will be requested to collect their child as soon as possible.

Parents must notify us if you are aware your child has a contagious illness or if the cause of the illness has been confirmed by a doctor.

The nursery holds a comprehensive guide to illnesses, their symptoms and the period for which a child should be excluded from nursery. We are guided by the recommendations of the Local Authority and the Health Protection Agency.  Although it can be inconvenient for parents when we have to exclude a child for a short period, this is very often beyond our control, but is official guidance.

Children (and staff) suffering from sickness or diarrhoea must not return to nursery until at least 48 hours have elapsed from the last bout of sickness/diarrhoea and they are eating normally.

We will administer medicines to children in line with our policy on giving medication, and in accordance with the appropriate medication forms signed by the parent, but we will not administer medicines such as Calpol in order to mask a fever or other symptoms of illness. A Calpol or similar form will be given to you to update and sign every 6 months. If a child has antibiotics we will only accept them back into nursery once they have started the course, and 24 hours having elapsed since the medication started. This includes antibiotic eye drops and medicated nappy creams.

Only medication prescribed by a doctor, dentist or pharmacist will be given, and all prescribed medication must carry the prescription label.

If a child needs to have an epipen or medication that needs specific training we will acquire training as and when the child joins nursery.   If a child is required to keep such medication with them at all times, then the nursery MUST know and must have a supply of the medication.

If a child requires an ambulance one will be called from the nursery and at the same time a staff member will telephone the child’s parents. However please understand that the ambulance call may be made first in an emergency.

Good hygiene within the nursery is paramount to keep children safe and prevent the spread of any infection. Staff are provided with disposable gloves, hand sanitising gel and antibacterial sprays. Toys and equipment are sterilised regularly.

Revised January 2023
By: Jacquelin Curtis
Adopted as the policy of the nursery
By: Jacquelin Curtis
Director, Activeplay Nurseries Ltd