We are committed to treating all children equally. A child with a disability will not be treated less favourably than any other child in our care. We have a duty and a commitment to making reasonable adjustments in order to avoid putting disabled children at a disadvantage in our nursery.

Any parent or guardian of a child with special educational needs is welcome to come to the nursery and together with staff can decide whether we are able to cater satisfactorily for any particular requirements that the child may have.

The settings SEN officers are Krissie Fuller-Skea and Rebeccah Simon who, together with parents or carers, will evaluate the service we can provide, and whether we can give the child a happy, safe environment and a valuable learning experience. We will seek the advice of specialist agencies in order to help us accommodate a child’s needs if at all possible.

Because of the age and layout of the building, there may be some needs which are difficult to accommodate within this setting, but every effort will be made to work around such difficulties, as long as we do not compromise the child’s safety.

The provision we offer any child with special educational needs will be reviewed with parents or carers on a regular basis (at least every three months) to ensure that we are still meeting the child’s needs and the parents’ expectations.

Identifying special educational needs

The child’s key person, in conjunction with the SEN Officers, will record any concerns about a child’s development and learning, and discuss these with the child’s parent or carer. This stage may identify ways of assisting the child and good progress may be possible without further intervention. This is in line with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage 2012 and the Best Practice Guidance for the Early Years 2014.

The SEN Officers, in conjunction with the child’s parents or carers and the key person will draw up an individual education plan to set targets of achievement and a date for review. Parents may be asked to work in the same way with their child at home. It may be an option for the family to include the child’s health visitor at this stage.

In conjunction with the health visitor, it is possible that specialist help may be sought, for example speech therapy. The nursery will work with the specialist to ensure that we are supporting their recommendations.

Revised January 2023
By: Michelle Sharp
Adopted as the policy of the nursery
By: Jacquelin Curtis Director,
Activeplay Nurseries Ltd