Within the setting it is our policy that staff are not permitted to carry their mobile phone or any other device that is capable of recording still or moving images, with them whilst they are working with children unless they have specific permission from the nursery owner or manager, for example if they are waiting for a doctor or their child’s school to phone them.

It is permitted to use a mobile phone on breaks in the office or a room not being used by children over the lunch period.

Staff have tablets which are used for recording observations in the nursery.  Photos of children will be used to upload to Tapestry to show parents what their children are doing during the day.  These tablets may not be taken out of the nursery.

When a parent comes into the nursery we ask that their mobile phone remains in their bag or pocket, as again most phones have cameras attached to them. Apart from child protection and confidentiality issues, handover and pick up times are a very important time to share with your child without interruption and also to exchange information with staff. If parents are speaking on their mobile phone we ask that they please ensure their conversation is finished and their phone is away before entering the building.

It is not permitted for parents or visitors to take photographs within the nursery except if we are holding a social event, in which case all parents will be asked if they are happy for photos to be taken.

Staff are warned about the dangers of posting updates or photographs, or mentioning anything to do with work, the nursery’s procedures or any staff member, parent or child on social media sites. They are aware that this could constitute gross misconduct and result in dismissal. Anything published on a social media site that is not true constitutes libel. Parents are also reminded of this, and that to discuss any other child or member of staff on social media could be a serious matter.

Revised May 2022
By: Jacquelin Curtis
Adopted as the policy of the nursery
By: Jacquelin Curtis Director,
Activeplay Nurseries Ltd