The nursery will always take extreme care to ensure that a child is only collected by an authorised adult. Our obligation to safeguard the child will take precedence over any other consideration.

The person collecting will usually be a child’s parents, but may be a relative or friend.

If we are not sure of the identity of a person who has arrived to collect a child, they will not be allowed to enter the nursery, but a member of staff will go to the door to ascertain their identity. We are aware that sometimes a relative, or even a parent, may collect a child so infrequently that they will not be recognised by all members of staff. Although it may take extra time to check an identity, we do ask for your understanding as it is so important for your child’s safety.

We will not allow a child to be collected by anyone under the age of 16.

If there is a dispute between parents regarding access to a child, and one parent asks that the other should not be allowed to collect the child from nursery, we have no authority to implement this without legal confirmation, for example a custody order or restraining order. We cannot prevent a legal parent or guardian from collecting their child if they are named.
If a parent arranges for a friend or relative to collect a child, you must let the nursery know either when dropping off at the beginning of the session or by telephoning during the day. If this does not happen, staff are obliged to try and telephone parents to ensure that we have your permission to release the child. If we cannot contact a parent by telephone, we will NOT release the child, and our procedure for uncollected children will come into force, which may require us to contact Social Services for advice.

When a child joins the nursery, we will ask parents to complete the registration form with any additional adults that they give permission to be able to pick up. We require the person’s contact information – address and telephone number – you can send a photograph too if you wish.  We shall also ask you for a password which must be given before a child can be released. This password should normally remain in force whilst a child remains at nursery, but can be changed by parents if circumstances require this. If your emergency contacts change for any reason, please remember to let us know.

In an emergency, it may be necessary for a parent to nominate someone unknown to the nursery to collect their child, for example if a parent is held up in traffic or has a medical emergency. In such an instance, you should telephone the nursery to inform us as fully as possible about the person collecting. You should give the collecting adult your password. Please note in these circumstances that the nursery has a range of children’s car seats which can be borrowed by a relative or friend who may not have a car seat of their own, we take no responsibility of incorrectly fitted car seats.

It is important that parents ensure that the nursery always has up to date contact information for them, for example if a mobile number or employment changes, as we will not release a child until we have spoken to the parent.

Please also see the nursery’s policy on Uncollected Children.

Revised May 2022
By: Michelle Sharp
Adopted as the policy of the nursery
By: Jacquelin Curtis Director,
Activeplay Nurseries Ltd