We expect staff, parents and children attending Activeplay Nursery & Preschool to treat each other with consideration and respect. Bullying, harassment or any type of discriminatory behaviour is not acceptable.

The nursery will not under any circumstances give corporal punishment to a child in our care, and so far as it is reasonably practical, will try to ensure that corporal punishment is not given to any child by any other person who cares for, or who is in regular contact with, children.

Staff are not permitted to use any form of physical punishment or restraint on a child, or the threat of such punishment. This may represent gross misconduct and lead to  a safeguarding investigation and dismissal. Physical intervention may only be used if it is necessary to prevent personal injury to the child, other children or an adult, to prevent serious damage to property or in what would reasonably be regarded as exceptional circumstances. Any such occasion will be recorded by staff on an incident form and placed in the room’s incident folder and the child’s file in the office. Parents will be informed about it on the same day. If physical action is taken in these, very particular circumstances, it will not be considered a breach of this policy.

It is not acceptable  for a staff member to shout or show anger towards the child. A firm voice, raised if necessary to extend beyond background noise, is acceptable.

Sometimes staff will encounter difficult or inappropriate behaviour by children. It is our policy to take a proactive approach in rewarding positive behaviour, and never to belittle or humiliate a child regardless of behaviour.

Sometimes negative behaviour is used to seek attention. Staff will give the child minimum attention when dealing with the situation.

Positive behaviours will be noted and praised, in order to demonstrate that attention will not be given to negative behaviour. When staff see positive behaviour, we will ensure that it is praised and encouraged.

We will always explain very clearly, and even to very young children, why the behaviour is unacceptable. If the behaviour continues, the child may be removed from the activity and directed to another activity, or a short ‘reflection time’ may be given.

There is no point in getting into a battle of wills with a child who is determined not to give way, to share a toy or to say sorry. Once the child has calmed down, the staff member will then discuss the incident with him/her.

Even in a difficult situation, staff know they must try to remain calm, and to not show that you have been affected by the negative behaviour. If the situation becomes difficult to handle alone, they will seek the support of another member of staff or a manager. All staff are encouraged to support each other in this regard, and because there is a wealth of experience on staff, to share ideas and strategies.  Several staff have attended training in this area. There will always be an opportunity at staff meetings to discuss situations that have arisen, and share strategies with colleagues that could help in resolving them in the future.

If a child frequently exhibits negative behaviour despite the intervention of staff, for example verbal or physical bullying, swearing, exhibiting racism, etc, this will be brought to the attention of his or her parents and we expect parents to work with us in demonstrating that such behaviour is not acceptable.

Revised May 2022
By: Jacquelin Curtis
Adopted as the policy of the nursery
By: Jacquelin Curtis Director,
Activeplay Nurseries Ltd